Heroes! Ninjas! Coming to your city, your country from Japan!!Introductory material for Sohran Dragon: The twin Japanese style heroes & Twins Dragon: Twin ninja action performers Sohran Dragon They wear obi instead of belts, and tabi instead of boots. Looking great in traditional happi and hakama, these stylish Japanese heroes will show you traditional and cool performances such as kasamawashi (umbrella twirling), taiko drumming, shishimai (lion dance), traditional dance, and kendama (bilboquet)!They dance Yosakoi Sohran while fighting ogres!? Also offered is the super popular, original and comical heroes show! As a concluding activity, the heroes will give a lecture to the children in the audience and teach the traditional Japanese dance Sohran-bushi. Let's dance together and become a hero yourself!Two performers show (Japanese traditional and other performances) (2 heroes, 1 staff-total 3 people): ¥120,000 up to 2 performances per day.Heroes mini-show (2 heroes, 1 ogre, 2 staff-total 5 people): ¥200,000 up to 2 performances per day.Heroes show (2 heroes, 3 ogres, 3 staff-total 8 people): ¥300,000 up to 2 performances per day.Twins Dragon Ninja performance by twins, only possible by twins. Quick transformation, teleportation, and shadow clone tricks! Sword fighting! Sticks and nunchucks! Action-filled performance with various weapons! This slapstick comedy action show is a great hit amongst audiences of all ages and nationalities! Participatory sword fighting and action classes can be arranged. Twins ninja show (2 ninjas, 1 staff-total 3 people): ¥120,000 up to 2 performances per day.*Transportation costs are charged separately. For overseas and distant performances: Expenses for each person are required, including accommodation and food costs. (Costs will be calculated using the average exchange rate for the country's currency.)You will be able to cast two different acts (the ninjas and the heroes) while covering transportation costs and hotel expenses for only one team of performers. This is one reason for our popularity for overseas appearances.


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