Japanese / English

Liven up the mood at stages, theaters, parties and clubs!

We purify and obliterate any unwanted or bad things in areas we perform with our drum and sword performances. CG projection shows the gravitation of spirits of ancestors & Gods! The mysterious traditional performance will even be loved by children! Performances with other Japanese drum artists were also enormously well-received!

Japanese drums and Sword Dance

Classical Japanese dance TABARUZAKA

The story of 2 samurais who struggled to defend the Japanese spirit -WA- during Japan's last civil war. Background & lyrics are provided with CG for children! We show it in a new and interesting way!! [Choreography / Mimasaka Yurisao]

Vigorous & comical ninja actions with word balloons give the feeling like you're reading manga?! The collaboration of high-tech CG projection and ninja actions received a lot of applause at the Japan Expo in France!

Manga & Ninja

Ninja castle

Fire, water, switching, and flying ninja techniques?! Chain sickles, nunchucks, swords, fighting rods... Ninjas makes full use of these weapons to invade a castle! Magical ninja techniques are visually performed right in front of you!